Opera Program

Photo after performance of Don Giovanni during the 2016 Greve Opera FestivalThe Greve Opera Academy and Music Festival is a program of Connecticut Lyric Opera and Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. The Festival will run for 4 weeks from June 11 (classes will begin on June 13) to July 8, 2018 with fully staged performances of Aida and Le Nozze di Figaro and other recitals. The goal of the Opera Program is to prepare young singers for their careers by producing fully staged operas with orchestra and other concerts at venues throughout Tuscany – Florence, San Gimignano and Greve in Chianti, among others. The Opera Program is open to all young aspiring singers who desire to prepare and perform one or more entire operatic role(s). Admission to the program is by live audition or recording. To apply, fill out the application form on this website.

Auditions for the Festival will be held in February 2018 and roles and schedules will be announced in the Spring.

The Opera Program includes:

  • Opportunity to perform a leading role in at least one of  the two fully staged productions with orchestra
  • Professional development, acting and stagecraft instructions
  • Active participation in all other educational programming, classes, rehearsals, chamber music, concerts, etc.

Tuition for the program is $4,650 which includes double-occupancy accommodation in villas and apartments located in downtown Greve in Chianti.

Opera Festival Faculty for 2018:

Adrian Sylveen, Artistic Director

Vocal faculty:
Maestro Armando Ariostini
Jurate Svedaite
Steve Fredericks

Paulo Bellocci
Rugiada Lee
Erick Rousi

Stage Director/Acting:
Jan Mason

other faculty members to be announced

Festival Pianists:
Giaccomo Benedetti
Luciano Laurentiu